Vanilla Berry Fruit Charlotte


This was amazing! I have always wanted to make a fruit charlotte. Within 30 days I had,  2 (yes 2) Jane Austen Dinner Parties which gave me a good excuse to make this lovely dessert. This bad boy dessert looks intimidating to make. However, I tell you now that this recipe is very easy. Just one helpful tip – please make sure your pudding is completely set before serving and you will see why with a pic below.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to make it. (gotta love Kraft Foods Canada for making this video).

Our Regency evening consisted of watching Pride and Prejudice (fatty mcfayden version – of course he wasn’t fat then but he is now). 

Bangers and Mash with Mushy Peas


Lavender Lemon Tea Cookies


Ah, a good cup of tea


And of course the fruit charlotte. 


And here is what happens when you cut into it and actually eat it. Scary looking but it was wonderful :).



Homemade Vanilla Extract


What the hell am I gonna do with all this WHISKY! LOL.  Yes, senior foodies I know i’m “behind the times” making my own vanilla extract. But I just found out about it :)!  I was watching something online last week and the chef nonchalantly said you can make your own vanilla extract with bourbon and left over vanilla bean pods. Brilliant! So I made vanilla extract today.


Leftover vanilla bean pods (I made vanilla bean frosting yesterday, so I had a fresh leftover pod waiting for me) + good whisky + ferment on the shelf for a few months = homemade vanilla extract

First, OMG I don’t drink whisky but it’s expensive! It better be worth it. We won’t know for a few months….. So I’ll let you know. Also, I appreciate any tips on what to use the whisky for. I might experiment and make a BBQ bourbon chicken or maybe i’ll ferment some cherries in the whisky for a few months and make a claufouti… don’t know but I just bought a lot of liquor, HAha. Anyway Enjoy!

DSC01006 DSC01007