Bloggin commitments & Carrot cake ;)

I had lunch with my friend Alyssa last week. As we overshare about our personal lives through large steaming bowls of pho (yummmmmmm….comfort food of piling noodles). My blog came up in the conversation. I told her I would really like to commit to blogging once a month and I really don’t care who sees it (*boom* a self-declaration). “I AM BLOGGING FOR MESELF” I say proudly. I’m feeling pretty good about this stance I’ve made. This blog gives me the space and opportunity to be creative, vent, and talk about what the hell I want. With this renewed sense of commitment – I decided to stop sharing my blog on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever. I’m not blogging for the “likes” and I really want to do this for myself.

Yay for personal goals that don’t go the wayside but become part of who I am and who I want to be.

I baked last weekend (*boom* I consider this progress). It’s been months, days, and hours since I’ve last baked. When I get really down and out depressed, 90% of me wants to stay in zombie mode till the sky is lifted. The other 10% of me is telling myself, “get of yer ass up and do something creative & beautiful and make the world a happy place.” So for months, days, and hours I’ve been doing nothing (excluding sleep and work – gotta pay the bills and be somewhat functioning). What I mean by “nothing,” I’m referring to this creative work of baking and blogging – I really do enjoy it. However, for some reason when I am in zombie depression mode, I can’t see myself appreciating this hobby. I am physically and mentally down and I don’t know how to crawl out.

What brought me to bake this last weekend then? It was baking for someone else. It was my Mum in Law’s birthday and I want to make her a special cake. Her favorite, carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. 🙂

carrot cake


It felt good – the sky has lifted and this zombie is happy. I just needed that little push. I just needed to provide for someone else and the world is a better place again (for now). I may still be a little sad (partial zombie) but it’s good to know I haven’t completely lost this creative gift.

It’s a Martha! Carrot cake & frosting recipe here.

enjoy!cyn signature


2 thoughts on “Bloggin commitments & Carrot cake ;)

  1. Good for you! I am glad your cake helped lighten your spirit for a but. If there is every anything you need, I am only a phone call (or a 6 hour drive!) away! I look forward to more blogs and recipes 🙂 xo

    • Thanks Kari! You are always there for me. It’s been really good lately to express my raw self bloggin and it feels good that baking one cake this weekend can make all the difference.

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