OMG! Peanut Butter Frosting


This peanut butter frosting is like crack! And goes great with your favorite chocolate cake recipe. Looking for PEANUT BUTTER POWDER can be challenging; but once you know where you can find it (check your local co-op or natural health food store) it’s amazing and versatile.

Here are 2 places that carry peanut butter powder in the twin cities metro,

1. Fresh and Natural Foods – Shoreview

2. Kitchen Window – Uptown

I made this recipe because I didn’t like adding regular peanut butter to frosting – it was too thick, too salty, too oily for my liking. So peanut butter powder provides the FLAVOR without adding that extra fat and oils.

Results of making treats with peanut butter frosting -> One happy boss 🙂 – I made these mini PB & Chocolate Cupcakes for Sarah when she got promoted ^_^.

S, you’re one smart cookie!



enjoy!cyn signature


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