Homemade Sprinkles & a dahlia

I’ve been pretty busy on the baking front. Last week I made homemade sprinkles, pots de creme au chocolat, and pb frosting for chocolate cupcakes! I have another cupcake order coming up this week with a football theme and planning to make some football oreo truffles on top of mini cupcakes (yes, i am a very busy busy bee). I promise lots of pictures and more recipes. Next week I’ll share my secret ingredient in my PB frosting recipe. For now, here is how to make sprinkles!


Yea, homemade sprinkles. Pretty cool! I tried to make 3 shapes; jimmies, hearts (Jared said they looked like check marks, lol), and dots. I think the dots turned out the best.



1 batch royal icing

plastic piping bags

tons of food coloring (americolor is my favorite edible food colors)

ROYAL ICING = 3 egg whites + 4 cups sugar + 1 tbs vanilla (great for sugar cookies)

Another tip: you can add any flavor to your icing like butter extract, almond extract, or cinnamon – whatever you would like. Flavored sprinkles is something that needs to be explored!

Mix the icing. Separate the icing in separate cups for coloring and then put colored icing in piping bags.


PLEASE cut a very very very very VERY small hole in the plastic piping bag for the jimmies (the thinner the lines the better the jimmies turned out), a slightly larger hole for dots, hearts, or other shapes. I piped the shapes on parchment and let dry overnight. Voila’ homemade sprinkles. Cheap, easy, and fun.


Homemade sprinkles and chocolate pots (click for my recipe) – YUM!


–> yes one night on random, I made a gum paste fondant dahlia. Jared was watching Thursday night football and I had all my fondant cutters out – what the heck….. I’ll make a sugar flower right. Not to shabby for my first try. 


Can you tell which one is the sugar one ^_^ *wink* Haha! Enjoy


Dahlia flower video I used to help me design my sugar flower.

I did use a small balling tool to shape the petals more before assembling to the circle bottom. So pretty!


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