Homemade Vanilla Extract


What the hell am I gonna do with all this WHISKY! LOL.  Yes, senior foodies I know i’m “behind the times” making my own vanilla extract. But I just found out about it :)!  I was watching something online last week and the chef nonchalantly said you can make your own vanilla extract with bourbon and left over vanilla bean pods. Brilliant! So I made vanilla extract today.


Leftover vanilla bean pods (I made vanilla bean frosting yesterday, so I had a fresh leftover pod waiting for me) + good whisky + ferment on the shelf for a few months = homemade vanilla extract

First, OMG I don’t drink whisky but it’s expensive! It better be worth it. We won’t know for a few months….. So I’ll let you know. Also, I appreciate any tips on what to use the whisky for. I might experiment and make a BBQ bourbon chicken or maybe i’ll ferment some cherries in the whisky for a few months and make a claufouti… don’t know but I just bought a lot of liquor, HAha. Anyway Enjoy!

DSC01006 DSC01007


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