What’s cookin’ Wednesday! Homemade pasta

I have only made homemade pasta twice. The first time was when I was a culinary assistant at Kitchen Window which was a long long time ago. And the second time was when the hubs got me this Imperia pasta maker for Christmas years ago. That first attempt at home was a little disastrous. The pasta was a little “gummy.” To avoid the disaster again I invested $9.00 in quality blended pasta flour from King Arthur’s Flour. It’s a mix of semolina, durum &  King Arthur branded AP flours. When mixing the special flour, eggs, and water together I noticed right away that it had a stretch to the dough to make it workable, not tough (less protein (gluten) = less toughness). I can probably explain this all better after I read On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee. I just ordered the book – so i’ll share his knowledge once I learn more.

Yay,King Arthur’s for perfectly balanced gluten in this flour mix without me figuring it out on my own.

Imperia pasta machines are timeless and it will last forever if you decide to invest in one.


Well it has been 2-3 years since I used this Christmas gift, let’s see if it works. And it does.

We (the hubs, Momma S (mother in law), and I) made simple gorgeous ribbons of fettuccine and little pillows of Italian sausage ravioli. Making pasta is affordable and most satisfying. I definitely recommend people to try to make homemade pasta once in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love dry pasta. Why not love homemade pasta too <3.

Making pasta was very therapeutic as well.


Rolling out the dough


Rolling through the machine


Watching the magic “whoa those are noodles” ^_^


Buon divertimento!

To make the pasta dough (eggs, water, and flour), I used the recipe on the King Arthur bag of flour. The other person I trust when it comes to basic recipes and you don’t need to invest in a pasta maker is Mark Bittman. Here is the link  to his recipe.


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