Ombre Cake: Take 1

Sunday night, in my jammies, gave myself a mini facial :D, it was 10:00 pm and I thought I had a second gust of energy to bake.  So I did bake. And I failed terribly…

According to the hubs that is a good thing. We learn from our mistakes. UGH, i don’t like making mistakes!!! The fact that I didn’t think through my idea and executed an ugly cake. The horror (the horror) – waste of time. OH WELL,  I promise when I do ombre cake: take 2 i’ll remember to learn from my mistakes ^_^.

What’s an Ombre cake? So, I was looking up trends – ombre hair (layers of dark hair that becomes lighter) and mini desserts. So put them together = mini ombre cake (a cake with different layers of color)! LOL. Thinking to myself this will be fabulous and beautiful!

Well here is what Ombre Cake: Take 1 looked like…


The hubs called this the leaning tower of Pisa! Yes, I didn’t cut the layers of cake evenly. And yes, I didn’t pipe the frosting layers even either. So tada, leaning mini ombre cake. LOL.

I took 1 white box cake mix – made the batter according to directions on the box. Divide the batter in 6 plastic cups. And with the hubs help (he thinks he can do a baking blog now), I mixed the lightest color of sky blue food coloring I had with 1 drop of color, the 2nd cup of batter 2 drops of color, and by the 6th cup I added 6 drops of food coloring (I used royal blue in the last 2 cups of batter). The coloring part was fun :).



Nice Right! Here are what the little cakes looked like right of the oven. Reminder to self: don’t be so lazy; if i’m too tired to finish all steps then don’t skip steps. Wait till the next day to finish decorating cake. 🙂575 (1)


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