What’s cookin’ Wednesday! Korean style sweet potato

korean sweet potato (2)

There is nothing better than making something delicious and watching Master Chef on Wednesday’s (love the lamb challenge tonight, I heart Joe ^_^). I stopped by a little Korean grocery store by my work place during lunch and picked up these beautiesYou can find these red sweet potatoes (white/yellow inside) at your local Asian grocery store.

korean sweet potato

1 sweet potato

1-2 tablespoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 teaspoon honey

Black and white sesame seeds (garnish -optional)

Salt to taste


Cut sweet potato in 1″ cubes and coat with oil and brown sugar. Place in pan at medium heat. Turnover cubes every 30-40 seconds; cook sweet potato till there is nice color on most sides. Place sweet potato cubes in small bowl and mix instantly with the honey (create this delicious layer of taste). Then add salt and sesame seeds to your liking. Enjoy! These make a great side dish and treat. The brown sugar and oil provides a “kettle corn” quality texture and the honey provides the right amount of sweetness needed to finish.


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